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Oct 15, 2019

In today‘s episode of the Tactical Businessman Gerritt talks about the difference between strategic and tactical leadership. Leadership starts with with leading your yourself because you have to learn it and live it before you can truly lead it. There are so many parallels between how it is that you lead yourself and then how it is that you lead in business, you can't really separate the two. Now this doesn't matter if you're in charge of a team if you're in charge of an entire organization... The question then is, what kind of leader are you?


The Tactical Businessman is a podcast committed to one thing: Empowering people to find the answers they already know exist. Gerritt Bake is a retired SWAT officer and former undercover detective ready to equip you with the tools, tactics, and techniques needed to achieve success in every facet of your life. There is an approach to get what you want out of life...a tactical approach.