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May 7, 2018

In today’s episode of Awaken the Guardian, Garrett discusses how society has given permission for bad behavior among the male population with the phrase,”Boys will be boys.” Carrying a heavyweight with the logic that in turn trivializes or marginalizes the behavior. Bullying, hazing, and assault is not predisposed by the possession of a certain appendage or is it an excuse for doing something stupid. Listen in.

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Awaken the Guardian is a podcast committed to empowering people to find the answers they already know exist. Gerritt Bake is ready to equip his Guardians with the tools, tactics, and techniques needed to achieve success in every area of their lives. Realizing your job is not to place blame, but protect yourself from it continuing to happen. Become situationally aware and keep those closest to you safe. It's time to Awaken the Guardian, welcome to the journey.